4-2 Trilogy Sydney Australia GQ - The Han Held Mace

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stranglebat 826

Went 4-2 with this build in Sydney's Trilogy GQ. Was completely untested going in but i liked the theory.

Round 1 vs Satine Droids: Loss 0-1 Droids are pretty hard, he got an early Chewies rifle which put me behind from the outset and managed to kill Mace early in round 4 off a cheat before i could bacta therapy. Knowing what i know about the format now i would likely be running 1 to 2 EMPs which should help the match.

Round 2 vs Mace Padme: Win 1-1 I out tanked and out speeded this match. Once i was at 7 upgrades a fatal blow for 9 put him down in round 3 before he could use his resets properly

Round 3 vs Ewoks (eChirpa and hoth trooper): Win 2-1 The healing from bacta therapy and the shields from the republic armor and the jedi saber made this a very safe match. Using mind trick on myself to garentee some damage was also very nice. plus draw closer does some good work on dropping ewoks.

Round 4 vs Chopper Droids: Win 3-1 Han did some of the work in this one when he rolled big off a hans blaster to snipe chopper before an activation. After that it was a matter of tanking up mace and then 1 shoting R2 from full health. The bounty hunter mask with Jabbas palace was really big here allowing truce into claim to really pull ahead on resources.

Round 5 vs Satine Droids (Played by Paul on of my perth crew) : Loss 3-2 Closer match than the first game, he did manage to kill mace by round 3 after i wiffed on a mace PA but had lost c3p0 and R2 was on deaths door. We counted up that he had put 27 damage into mace in those 3 rounds. Good proof of the ability to tank up here.

Round 6 vs Assaj Dengar: Win 4-2 Did not see the bacta therapy at all in this match but the consistancy and defense of niman mastery really helped out. Once dengar was off the table the match was less scary.

All in all i was happy with the deck. I would probably add in an EMP over refusal. But over all the balance felt good here. Keep an eye on what gets added from the next set as it may very well push this deck up to the droids standards with its ability to really tank up.

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