The Last Lasat Assassin- Top 32 European Championship

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TerryX 54

The Last Lasat Assassin - Top 32 European Championship

Hello, everyone, I'm Terry from SWDHK. ( First of all, I want to write some background of my team. We are a group of players from Hong Kong. Despite the lack of official support from FFG/Asmodee, we manage to form a very enthusiastic group of people who are in love with star wars destiny. Last year we have two people joined the Euro champ, with one finishing in 14th place. This year there are 3 of us in the tournament, with me placing in top 32, and Ross in top 16. We are very excited to see the result as we proved our competitivity of our local meta. Moreover, we hope to see an official regional in one day, finger-crossed.

Let's get back to the deck I've brought to the European championship. This deck is 100% original from Hong Kong, in which I have been playing Zeb Orellios since its release. Zeb is an excellent character: the highest hp in yellow AND at this cost. This gives good access to great cards - easy picking, second chance, and friends in low places. He also has good dice faces and a fair ability. However, he suffers from a big problem - a damage side with resource cost. I've tried Zeb Rey, Zeb Kanan, or even Zeb Lobot. None worked well because the deck has one particular issue that can't be solved - lack of resource. The problem is sometimes relieved by having the battlefield that generates resources, but it's a disaster when I do not have the battlefield or facing faster char like sabine. Then the saviour has come to save Zeb - YODA! Yoda is fantastic in both generating money and provides consistency, which suits Zeb perfectly; they ought to come together naturally.

After many amendments to the Zeb Yoda, I still cannot find the best cards to compete with the current tier 1 meta decks. I have almost lost all games going through the gauntlet list during the intensive training among our competitive group. The list is still shady until the most experienced player in our group made the final touch in my deck.

There are few highlights in that final adjustment.

  1. Canto bight pistol to redeploy on Yoda to finish the game
  2. Changing to $0-cost removals
  3. Get rid of expensive events such as hyperspace jump.

These changes significantly improved the resource curve of the deck, allowing me to resolve the 3-melee-paid side more frequently and always threaten kills even for 11-12 hp character as early as round 2 of a game. This is very important because after playing a 2-cost upgrade, I need one resource to resolve that Zeb die to get the opponent’s character into kill range as soon as possible. If the mitigations cost 0, then the money made by Yoda will be turned into damage.

My deck is pretty easy to understand - get around removals and assassinate one of the characters as soon as possible. Force speed is a crucial upgrade. With force speed and impulsive, the damage dice can get around control cards of the opponent and deal much damage consistently. The deadliest combo is combining ancient lightsaber and vibroknife to deal 8 unblockable damage - which is always a guaranteed kill during round 2 or 3.

My Battlefield of choice is Rebel War Room. The reason why I chose this over outer rim outpost is that my deck is not fast enough to claim the battlefield every round. It is disastrous if I face faster decks such as obimaz or sabine.

This deck is especially good against two-characters decks but is very weak against high hp 3+ wide decks. The result of the Swiss round reflects how this deck performed during the European Championship.

My swiss round was as following:

  1. Bossk, Tuskan raider, Gamorrean guard - win
  2. Rey Aayla - win
  3. Kylo2 anakin - win
  4. Palpatine - win
  5. Drive by shooting - win
  6. eRose, wedge, hired gun - loss
  7. Talzin, Bala, FOST - loss
  8. Rey aayla - win

Placed 23rd overall

I went 4-0 then to 5-2, getting back to 6-2 fortunately. Some games were really close like I was just one action from losing to Palpatine, and I lost to 5 dice villain in game 7 by 1 hp.

Top 32: eRose wedge hired gun - lost 0-2

This is one of my worst matchups. The first game went pretty well, but I made a very bad misplay that turned the game into a loss. In the second game, I tried to put the game as close as only have Yoda facing a hired gun. However, the wide vehicle board and a handful of control cards in opponents hand took away my damage dice, and thus I lost the second game. I missed the hyperspace jumps that I removed from my deck, but I put in cards that made me win more of the other matchups. Overall I think the decision was right.

My group and I have been trying our best to brew a Zeb deck that can secure a place in the meta. We feel very successful in having it reached top 32 in such a big tournament. This is the best meta in Star Wars Destiny history: skills are more important than playing a "top deck". We (SWDHK) hope to let more people hear our voice from Hong Kong and one day we will have our official support of local tournaments.

4 commentaires

Destiny Deck Analysis 224

Great playing! I run into a similar problem against vehicle decks playing Qui-Gon Jinn - Ataru Master and Yoda - Wizened Master, my current solution has been Mind Trick, but its difficult to keep enough resources to play it, while still trying to burst as much as possible. Anyways, awesome finish and thanks for the write-up!

TerryX 54

@Destiny Deck Analysis Vehicle lists are very hard to handle without disrupting the opponent's resource or hand. Therefore the discard and disrupt sides on yoda become very relevant in early game.

Kampfer_SWDHK 14

@Destiny Deck Analysis Try adding Force Wave if you have problems with the Wedge/5 dice type of lists. If you have problems with Drive by Shooting, out-of-hand damage cards like Ataru Strike on top of Riposte is good. From SWDHK

symbio 167

Congratulations on Top 32. I love Zeb/Yoda and think there is a way to make him better , hope the new set will help. I will give your version a try too. Thanks for the write up and sharing your deck. I love HK, went to high school there a long time ago. Very cool that you guys have a solid group of players there.