eSnoke / Dr Aphra / Battle Droid - Store Champ (8/11/18)

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blookout22 47

Very fun deck to play. This deals mainly indirect damage...but A LOT of it. I try to get Hailfire Droid Tank in my opening hand, and then ping Aphra's ability and the battlefield to pay 2 for Hailfire Droid Tank round 1. Then if you can get Aphra's droid duo out (0-0-0 & BT-1), it's pretty much game over.

My opponents in the store championship where I played this deck in were:

  1. ePlo Koon / Padiwan / Padiwan
  2. eRey1 / eLuke3 (Profitable Connections)
  3. Hero Vehicle = eRose / Jedha / Jedha (Long Term Plan)
  4. BROTK = eSeventh Sister / Ciena Ree / Nightsister

Thankfully I didn't run into a mill deck, which was the one deck I was fearing to play. Only from the standpoint of 1) not play-testing against it and 2) spreading myself thin with too many supports and aiding their mill cause. However, like I said before, you're dealing so much indirect in ways other than just your characters (activating BT-1 or with 0-0-0 after your deal indirect to yourself through card abilities). I'm sure I'll come across it at the next event, and I'm welcoming the challenge. #NeverTellMeTheOdds

Let me know what you guys think about it and what changes I should make. I need to add Crash Landing to this deck to make it better, but until now I had not bought any Boba starter sets...that will likely change before regionals.

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StaticCat 40

Interesting deck - I like Snoke - Supreme Leader and I love Doctor Aphra - Artifact Hunter - pitting them together is something I really want to do as well. However I would make a few changes to this deck first off I would take out 1 of the Kylo Ren's Starfighter and if you're thinking of adding something in favor I would recommend adding Darth Vader's TIE Advanced as it can be pretty potent in most matches with the special doubling the damage already on the character. Also Bait and Switch isn't really needed in this deck unless you're relying on it for the the focus side from Snoke - Supreme Leader or the shield side from Doctor Aphra - Artifact Hunter. I would put in a little more mitigation, especially Beguile as it's an amazing mitigation/removal card. Since you have no real "power damage die" except the Hailfire Droid Tank perhaps consider putting in either ARC-170 Starfighter, Fang Fighter for some more consistent damage or even 1 Planetary Bombardment just to scare the hell out of your opponent. Of course if you put in the Planetary Bombardment you might want to consider putting Delve which will also work with Doctor Aphra - Artifact Hunterability of damaging yourself to do indirect with 0-0-0 drawing a card with Doctor Aphra - Artifact Hunter and perhaps doing a little more indirect when you play the Planetary Bombardment.

Regardless, I love the deck idea and wish you the best with it. Enjoy & Good luck!

chinovalley 316

I love it when a guy posts his SC winning deck and the first response is a long exposition on how to "fix it". Dude, he WON the Store Championship ffs. Congrats blookout22, well done.

chinovalley 316

Alright so looking at the comments I see he encouraged feedback. My bad, carry on--there's just so many times that a guy posts a deck that performed well in a big tourney and somebody immediately finds flaws/mistakes. But the poster asked for it so I rescind my comment. Fire away.